Second first impressions

The things that I remember here from two years ago look about the same as I remember them, and if the things I’ve forgotten have changed; I wouldn’t know. Around a Pound is still here, to my delight, as is Sainsbury’s. I think some new shops have moved into town, and I’m excited to explore them in a day or two when the jet lag wears off.

The hostel itself has changed, mostly for the better (remodeled rooms and fancy new signs) but I am disappointed that all the furniture in the lobby where we used to gather for the wi-fi is gone. We have a new hangout now, in the recently un-christened “Quiet Room,” but it means that the warden at the front desk has to sit by himself there in the sterile new reception area. It probably makes for a boring night.

I already have explored and taken pictures of a lot of the sights of Armagh, so I’m looking forward to immersing in a different way this visit. I’m also going to try my hand at writing a 10-minute play, though at the moment I have no idea where to start. Maybe tomorrow I’ll figure it out.

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