Preliminary Story Ideas-Irish Cuisine

One of my favorite professors, Stephen Bloom at the University of Iowa, came up with a metaphor to explain to us the difference between a story and a good story. It’s called the Vandalism example. So, lets say you want to write a story about vandalism. This, as a topic, is way too broad to be a good story. For it to be a good story, you have to narrow it down to the exact place. Instead of Vandalism, you want to write about the gang graffiti in the northwest corner of the high school on locker 201. My current story idea is in “vandalism” territory, but its an idea nonetheless.

When I was preparing to come to Ireland, my dad was warning me about the food here. He said “you never hear anyone saying they’re going to Ireland for the food.” After eating here a few times, however, I found that this statement is untrue. The first night in town, a few of us went out for fish and chips. You can pretty much get fish and chips anywhere, but this was different. It tasted fresher and better, and the chips were the perfect combination of soft but crispy. I had my leftovers today (two days later) and they were just as good. The next day, I had a craving for something sweet, so i stopped into a local bakery called “The Cake Shop”. I ordered two eclairs, and they were probably the best eclairs I’ve had in my life. The inside of the eclair had more of a whipped cream consistency than a custard, which I prefer. I want to write my story about local family owned restaurants and bakeries, and how the cuisine in Ireland is underestimated. The topic is very broad, but I hope to make it more specific after doing some research this week.

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  1. This is the beginnings of a great story idea! I will help you with eclair research 🙂

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