The deathwatch beetle.


A sound eerie, haunting in the night that harkens the death of someone dear. Such is the tradition surrounding the deathwatch.
When a family member was on the sick bed often another would sit by their side the night through and a rhythmic tapping in the night would foretell the death of the sick one. Reality can be far different: a simple wood beetle finding its dinner or the shifting of a house.
So is the truth of regionalism in my opinion is not fated to die, but evolve as it always has. I believe this way as humans have an ego, a need to feel important, and in a regionless world that is impossible. We hold onto what makes us unique, to our area and our own selves, because it means we are different, not homogeneous, and thay we stand out, not blend in. The local world is key to feeding that ego because to be one of 4 billion is insignificant, but 1 of a thousand standing bright against the backdrop is something to be see.

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