The History of the Troubles Casting

Hello writers! Great reading tonight of Shadow! Good for you!

Tomorrow night we read The History of the Troubles (accordin’ to my Da) by Martin Lynch, Conor Grimes and Alan McKee. We’ll meet Martin next week 18 July in Belfast. History of the Troubles was first performed in May 2002, commissioned as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast. Martin produced it (he’s a theatrical producer as well as a playwright) and Grimes and McKee performed in it.

Usually only three actors play all the parts in the play, but for our reading, we’ll spread out the many roles amongst us.

Gerry = Cori

Fireball = Kimberley

Seamus = Mateo

Andy = Maureen

Eugene, the brother = Doug

Vinty, the IRA man = Doug

Felix = Dan

Derek = Kelly

Colm, the son = Kelly

Maggie = Clare

Benny = Maureen

stage directions and voice over and music = Terri – as well as Mr. Bryans, NewsReader, Reporter

Eleanor, the wife = Libby

Young Carson = Libby

And all the other bit roles = Rachel, including civil servant, Jack Lynch, Community Worker, Mr. Carson, banjo player, Goon, Country man, warder, Barman, Taxi Driver, DeLorean and Colm’s Mate

Looking forward to hearing this out loud as well. Have fun reading it!


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