Well, that escalated quickly.


No, I am not referring to the horrid World Cup match last night, instead I’m talking about my title for this post. Regionalism sure is a strange combination with ice cream but I’m almost certain that you the reader immediately approved of the post a bit more. What I’m getting at is that we as a society value feeling connected to something- such as a community and today we like to use common threads like music or pop culture to add towards our identity. When speaking of nationalism I think the best way to tackle this gargantuan idea is to start by informing yourself about whichever background you associate yourself with the most; once you have a stronger sense of your roots then you can begin to think about how space effects how you view nationalism.


If there is a specific place that better embodies your identity and where you are “from” then that is a completely legitimate way to understand which “nation” or tribe or culture you belong to. If space itself is not as important to you when you think of nationalism then I still believe you can develop your own definition of it.


Studying in Armagh this month has already given me the opportunity to ruminate about these ideas and I’m sure they will change/fluctuate as the program progresses. Regardless, at the John Hewitt conference on July 30th, Armagh will have an updated response about what nationalism is today as well as what its rewards or consequences might look like. 


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