8:5something A.M

Location: Armagh

Music: Drops of Jupiter, strange pre-Beatles music, other misc. tunes from across the decades…

Transportation: Bus/Van/We didn’t have to pay for it. Can I call it a Vus?


Weather: Somewhat gloomy.


*hours later*





When I awoke from a disco nap, I was greeted by the large scale architecture through the Vus window. I was not necessarily alarmed or thrown off since I am used to a metropolitan city but after the initial moments of checking out my surroundings I could tell I could get a hint of the essence from the UK by this Irish urban aesthetic. Eventually we arrived at the hostel which is comfortably situated in the hoopla-centric loud/vibrant neighborhood. Overall I think i enjoy the set-up of the city as it nicely differs from Chicago in the sense that as opposed to the grid street style, the streets here have a significant curve/wave to them which is pretty intriguing. The food/culture was excellent today and the people here in Dublin definitely have a distinct voice (not literally) compared to Armagh [note: I’m not quite sure what I mean by voice yet-maybe this relates to regional identity and regionalism?]. FOR EVEN MORE THOUGHTS ABOUT MY DUBLIN PERSPECTIVE, VISIT here.



PS: We got a tour of the Abbey Theater and it was jaw-dropping! 

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