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After having a reading of the play Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O’Casey, I felt more visually immersed in the world of said play. Reading it aloud better exemplified the tempo and the energy that the play emits; O’Casey tactfully set the action in an enclosed space so that the characters could parallel the tense/dangerous situations. From a visual perspective I think the images from the Armagh museum could serve as a great starting point for research if I were to design this play.

Additionally, while the images are from roughly twenty years before Shadow is set, I still think they give a glimpse of the time period and I would definitely want to juxtapose the colors and imagery of those of a higher economic status with the main characters of the play.

Lastly, while the aura of the museum was intriguing I was mostly interested in the historical clothing, artifacts, and documents on display because they simultaneously gave me more context about Armagh, the world of my upcoming ten-minute play, and Shadow — which is of course something refreshing to find as a scholar.


Oh my, that is quite the run-on sentence. ^^^^



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