________________ rules the nation

  1. How does your nationality define your identity?   Merriam Webster says nationality is:


     noun \ˌna-shə-ˈna-lə-tē, ˌnash-ˈna-\

    : a group of people who share the same history, traditions, and language, and who usually live together in a particular country”

    and with that in mind I would say that nationality does not define my identity. Alternatively, I think nationality helps shape my identity as well as my sense of self. My L@tino nationality allows me to have a strong sense of culture/lifestyle that is imbedded within my family as well as L@tinos from previous generations. Plus, nationality helps with my sense of self because I know that the history of my nationality, even though it is not in the forefront of mainstream media or in the U.S education system, is just as important as the stories I can tell & create.  As an artist I feel completely proud to be able to completely tap into my Latino background in different facets whether it be through music or family in my professional or personal life. Having a strong sense of a specific group of people that you can connect to (in terms of what Merriam mentions in the nationality definition) is a way that is of an utmost importance to value yourself and your culture. 


  2. Why is it or is it not important? I already answered that. 

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