Dublin, Here I Am

I’m enjoying Dublin so far, but my view got off to a rough start. Lack of sleep can make the beginning of anyone’s day a bit rough. In my less than perfect (read: groggy) mindset walking around for several hours probably wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do. As I was given time to ease into the town, I began to soften to my surroundings. Dublin reminds me in a lot of ways to the bigger cities I’ve visited on the the US. Vibrant with life and activity from people all around the world. One things that caught my ear was hearing people speaking different languages with a bit of an Irish twinge to them. It seems obvious that anyone would pick up an accent in the place they’ve been for years, but I just found it interesting to hear. There seem to be a million places to go get food. I’m not one for buying souvenirs all that much, but enjoying a good meal is very important to me. There is so much to experience here and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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