Casting for Playboy of the Western World

Tomorrow night in the Common Room of the hostel, we’ll read John Millington Synge’s play, The Playboy of the Western World. First produced at the Abbey Theatre in 1907, the production stirred protests. People, particularly Irish Nationalists, felt the story was an offense to public morals and an insult to Ireland. One Sinn Fein leader thought the play was not political enough. Many found the female characters offensive since they wore at one point, only their shifts or undergarments.

The play is very character-driven and an interesting exploration into the psychology of storytelling. The town would rather hear the story of the murder than condemn the possible killer. Certainly, there are parallels with O’Casey’s Shadow of a Gunman: the most obvious being the protagonist claiming to be something he is not.

Christopher Mahon = Mateo

Old Mahon = Doug

Michael James and a bellman = Kimberley

Pegeen Mike = Clare

Widow Quin = Cori

Shawn Keough = Dan

Philly Cullen and stage directions = Terri

Jimmy Farrell and Susan Brady = Rachel

Sara Tansey = Maureen

Honor Blake = Kelly

Nelly = Libby

Looking forward to hearing this wild play again and discussing it after.



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