Better there than here

I have noticed a good deal of people in Armagh with a very specific mindset: that the city itself is not worth seeing much of, that most anywhere is better than here.
Last week I was talking to a few people late at night in a bar in Armagh who thought the weather in Nebraska, though they knew nothing of my home state,  absolutely had to be better than what was here. Once they learned of the snow and heat they became a bit more hesitant though.
Today I spoke to one of the wardens for quite some time and he told me I must have enjoyed Dublin far more than Armagh. He was sure of it and glad I am getting out this coming weekend.
It seems strange to be so sure of the boring nature of where you live as to impose that on willing visitors. I do enjoy it here quite a lot, especially the people I meet and the nature of the sky here. There is magic to be found everywhere.

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