Martin Vs. Mac

I’m really excited to meet Martin Lynch this coming Friday, and not just because our reading of one of his plays was hilariously amusing (let’s just say I played an interesting character).

In a recent article in the Belfast Telegraph, Martin Lynch calls out the Metropolitan Arts Centre (the Mac) elitist and out of touch.
As an individual who has experienced and benefited so much from my exposure to the arts, I appreciate his calling out of an establishment he deems to be inaccessible to the working class individual; individuals who can benefit greatly from Arts exposure and programming.

When we meet him Friday, I am very curious to see:

1) why does he think the Mac is so uncomfortable to those working class individuals? What does he see the Mac environment as?

2) how can the Mac better serve the people of Belfast?

3) what types of programming and facilities would he like to see come into the establishment in coming years?

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