Something I find very unique to Northern Ireland is the sense of reverence and recognition of the past. Here even more so than in the Republic, there seems to be a huge reverence for things that have passed.
While in the Republic we were told that artists and the community have only just begun to reclaim the Irish history and retell it, the North seems to revel in it.

On one of my first days here I was wandering the city, exploring my new home, and I came across a memorial from a 1973 shooting that happened right here in Armagh. What struck me most was the flowers that had been bundled and recently laid at the foot of the memorial.
People here have not forgotten, and they will not forget.

This year Markethill’s population more than doubled for the twelfth of July celebrations. The tiny town of 2,000 welcomed over 5,000 for festivities to recognize the Battle of the Boyne and William of Orange. That happened centuries ago, and still today Northern Ireland celebrates with vigor.

The Northern Irish have this great reverence for the past, and are not willing to forget.
In a country that has seen this level of conflict, there is a lot to remember.

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