Bomb Found in Londonderry

Yesterday, a bomb was found behind the back wheel of a car in Londonderry, which resulted in the evacuation of multiple homes nearby. The bomb was removed, and so far, there is no indication as to what the motive for planting the bomb was.

Chief Inspector John Burrows said that the device was in fact viable, and was “capable of causing serious injury.” 

While not mentioned in the article, it may or may not be coincidental that this bomb was planted only a few days after the Twelfth of July celebrations, which are notorious for massive bonfires and violent outbreaks. However, the police are planning to keep their minds open about why the bomb was placed.

It’s quite disturbing to hear that someone would still create a device with the goal of injuring innocent people in this day and age, and while thankfully no one was injured, those who were evacuated were likely very shaken up.

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