The Twelfth.

One of the biggest events of the year in Northern Ireland seems to be the Twelfth of July celebrations surrounded the Battle of the Boyne and William of Orange’s victory.

One of the most illuminating news pieces I’ve seen on the subject was a picture gallery from the BBC that featured images from across NI of the various celebrations.

As an individual coming from a country that doesn’t have these kinds of events, I find it fascinating to see how they’re actually carried out.

What struck me most are the images of some of the bonfires lit to celebrate the Twelfth. These massive stacks of wood and tires dot the city-scape like a checkerboard, and unfortunately make it not all that surprising to believe the violence that can come out of these celebrations.

It is certainly a day and a celebration unique to Northern Ireland, and it is a sight I doubt I will ever find anywhere else.

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