Some good ‘Craic’.

Some of my research for my feature story on microbreweries and beer in Ireland was to attend a pub crawl hosted by CAMRA NI, the ‘Campaign for Real Ale in Northern Ireland’.

It was one of the craziest reporting experiences I think I have had so far, and was absolutely brilliant.

Luckily enough, I had the opportunity to sit down with CAMRA NI Chairman Phil Hernberg before the crawl itself, and he gave me an introduction to himself and the organization. Then I was off. The pub crawl itself involved around two dozen members, and started at The Crown Pub in Belfast city centre. A beautiful old pub, that still uses the gas lighting and original architecture of it’s former years.

It was busy, but incredible. I learned so much in so little time, jumping back and forth from person to person. Phil was even able to show me the back room of the pub, with all the kegs and casks readily tapped for pulling. It made for some great photo opportunities as well as opportunities for interviewing and audio collection. Lucky for me, my colleague Kelly was with me to man the camera and take some photographs for me.

I am so grateful to CAMRA for the opportunity they offered, and for helping me so much with my story. It’s one of the first big breaks that I have had in my reporting process so far, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet the members of CAMRA NI and share a pint.

IMG_0845IMG_0849  IMG_0852 IMG_0863 IMG_0906 IMG_0902IMG_0872

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