(not accordin’ to MY Da)- A Belfastian & Theatrical Anecdote

Before I began to think about which play I enjoyed the most up to this point in the Armagh Project 2014, there was not one play that stood out as the clear front runner. All of the plays that we have read as a unit have been insightful, bold, and entertaining. In order to decide which one I truly enjoyed the most, I had to delve into my recent travel experiences in the city of Belfast this past weekend. 

My classmates and I took one of the black taxi tours in Belfast which explained, it its simplest form, the history of the peace walls and the segregation amongst the Catholic & Protestant communities. We also explored the Belfast national history museum where we learned more about the hunger strikes in the Armagh prison. Plus, we went sight seeing on a bus tour and ventured to one of the seven wonders of the world: Giant’s Causeway. With all of that in mind, as well as having the pleasure to meet Martin Lynch in Belfast, it came to my attention that The History of the Troubles (according to my Da) does remarkable things; the text, the comedic elements, and the imagery mirror the hope that political & social change is bound to happen soon. 


Lastly, History was also enjoyable because it had an aesthetic similar to a staged reading of a variety show that I wrote and produced last fall titled: Step Out,Step In. For more information and visuals about Step Out,Step In, check out the instagram profile (stepout_stepin) or just TWEET me here.






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