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Some good ‘Craic’.

Some of my research for my feature story on microbreweries and beer in Ireland was to attend a pub crawl hosted by CAMRA NI, the ‘Campaign for Real Ale in Northern Ireland’. It was one of the craziest reporting experiences I think I have had so far, and was absolutely brilliant. Luckily enough, I had […]

BBC News and Biased Views in Belfast.

In Belfast one of the more memorable experiences I had was visiting the BBC Northern Ireland headquarters and visiting with Claire Savage, Mark Devenport and Martina Purdy. It is always an incredible opportunity to be able to learn about the journalism industry from individuals who have worked first hand in it, but I found it fascinating to learn about […]

The Twelfth.

One of the biggest events of the year in Northern Ireland seems to be the Twelfth of July celebrations surrounded the Battle of the Boyne and William of Orange’s victory. One of the most illuminating news pieces I’ve seen on the subject was a picture gallery from the BBC that featured images from across NI […]


Something I find very unique to Northern Ireland is the sense of reverence and recognition of the past. Here even more so than in the Republic, there seems to be a huge reverence for things that have passed. While in the Republic we were told that artists and the community have only just begun to […]

Martin Vs. Mac

I’m really excited to meet Martin Lynch this coming Friday, and not just because our reading of one of his plays was hilariously amusing (let’s just say I played an interesting character). In a recent article in the Belfast Telegraph, Martin Lynch calls out the Metropolitan Arts Centre (the Mac) elitist and out of touch. […]

Dublin, Dublin, Dublin.

It is such a beautiful city. There’s something about river cities and coastal cities that I find irresistible. I like the water and breeze, I think. And although it’s much busier than the quiet cathedral city of Armagh, it still has this incredibly visible identity. One of the more remarkable adventures I’ve had while in […]


Well, we have officially spent a day in Dublin and I am in love. It is such a busy, bustling, winding city that it never seems to sit still, and yet it has this incredible and rich history behind it. A few stolen moments in the garden of Dublin Castle, in Sweny’s Chemist (an establishment […]

The details in the fabric.

Upon visiting the Armagh County Museum, I was pleased to find their collection of preserved dresses and clothes from the days of long ago. I have always had a particular passion and fondness for fashion and clothing, as I find it is one of the simplest and clearest forms of expression human society exercises. The […]

Studs and Blossoms

Today I had the incredible opportunity to visit ‘Armagh Cider Company’, a unique bottling operation just down Drumnasoo Rd. in Portadown, Co. Armagh. The Armagh Cider Co. has been on the same land in 1898, run by the same family, but only just started producing cider (hard and juice-type) in 2006. The entire process ‘from […]

Who, what, when, where. But why?

“Where are you from?” It’s one of the first questions they ask you when you enter University residences. And from that point on, everyone around you has expectations. If you’re from a big city they expect a certain attitude or knowledge, if you’re from a small-town they expect a certain personality and set of habits. […]