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Presentation Order

Here is the order we will present our work: Welcome from Terri 100 Ways to Cook the Salmon of Knowledge (Nessa’s Piece) Clare’s Brewery Piece Tir na Scealta (Maureen’s Piece) Kelly’s Gaol Piece Weapons of Another Kind (Rachel’s Piece) Christmas is Cancelled (Mateo’s Piece) Cori’s Apple Orchard Piece Something Left (Dan’s Piece) Wild Bees (Kimberley’s […]

Casting for Monday!

Nessa’s Play: Fionn – Rachel, Oscar – Terri, Deidre – Maureen, Gerry Wallance – Dan, John Torode – Kimberley, Narrator – Mateo Kimberley’s Play: Yeats – Doug, Georgie – Clare, Leanhaun Shee – Kelly, Fairy Voice – Rachel, fairies – all Maureen’s Play Doherty – Dan, O’Neill – Mateo, Mrs. Kathleen – Kimberley, Daily Twins […]

Lines and Circles

This time we challenged everyone to find patterns.  The mosaic work in the Catholic Cathedral has always stayed in my mind for it’s rich, detailed patterns.  It is something I look forward to seeing each time I visit here.  Today though, I also noticed the striking sculpture out front of the Marketplace Theatre in the […]

And the Winner Is……

Everyone did great work on the visual scavenger hunt but, after extensive closed door deliberations by our panel of expert judges, we are pleased to announce the winners of the First Annual Armagh Project Visual Scavenger Hunt: For Most Creative Interpretation: Cori Rhode for her photo of an Interesting Sign For Best Composition: Clare Bonnyman […]

Texture Journal

We asked the students to do some visual blogging about the textures around them as a way of exercising observation skills and to practice seeing the ordinary in a different way.  I keep a texture journal as one of my facebook albums.  I am not a visual artist but i find inspiration in my texture […]

A Second Home

Inside my passport, haphazardly spread willy-nilly across the pages, are four entrance stamps at Dublin airport, the first stop on my now yearly journey to Armagh.  Each one represents a first impression that has become memory.  My very first trip here in 2006 was in November, over Thanksgiving Weekend, and it was dark by 5:30p.  […]