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More to Come

These are the photos I have managed to take of the Armagh Gaol so far. I have held off on returning to take more because I am being allowed inside the prison tomorrow, where I plan to take much more photos of both the inside and the outside of the building. There will be much […]

Thanks You, Belfast

During my short weekend in Belfast, I was given the chance to speak to three reporters working for the Northern Ireland sector of the BBC – Claire Savage, Martina Purdy, and Mark Devenport. All three journalists were full of ideas for sources for my own story, as well as my peers’ stories, despite our three […]

Bomb Found in Londonderry

Yesterday, a bomb was found behind the back wheel of a car in Londonderry, which resulted in the evacuation of multiple homes nearby. The bomb was removed, and so far, there is no indication as to what the motive for planting the bomb was. Chief Inspector John Burrows said that the device was in fact […]

“Well you’re very welcome here.”

While I’ve only been in Armagh for a brief period of time, there has been one reoccurring phrase I always hear after I explain where I’m from and what I’m doing in Armagh: “Well you’re very welcome here.” The incredible hospitality has been like nothing I have seen in any of my travels so far. So many […]

Inquiries for Martin Lynch

Linked bellow is an article about Martin Lynch, discussing is background as a writer, his style of writing, and the impact of his plays. His sometimes controversial writing style makes him standout as a playwright. Here are the questions I would like to ask him: 1. Some consider your writing style to be controversial. […]

National and Personal Pride Go Hand in Hand

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t consider their nationality as part of their identity, either as a large or small factor. The assumed reasoning behind this is that people like to take pride in where they are from, and there are certain characteristics that we assume people have based on their nationality. […]

Diversity, Modernity, and History – My Weekend in Dublin

As my short weekend in Dublin comes to a close, I am both saddened that I did not have more time, but also excited for what I have to come during the rest of my stay in Ireland. However, this weekend in Dublin may be tough to beat. One of the first things I noticed […]

Dublin: The Busy and the Beautiful

After pulling into Dublin this morning it was clearly night and day from the lovely city of Armagh that I have spent the last week in. While Armagh is petite and peaceful, the capital of Ireland is bustling with people to meet and places to see. After less than a day, I have already been given […]

Artistry in Armagh

What struck me the most about the Armagh County Museum was the incredible detail in both the artwork and the artifacts that the museum held. It’s clear that people who thoroughly understood the city and its history created the artwork, and the artifacts and clothing displayed showed an immense amount of detail and precision. The […]

The Family Business That’s Going Strong

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to get a personal tour of the Armagh Cider Company by one of the owners, Philip Troughton. While the Troughton family business has been growing apples since 1898, they only began commercially producing cider in 2006. While we managed to get lost on our way to the apple orchard, […]