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Dublin Snapshots

There was more than enough to see in Dublin. I tried my best to capture the moments I could. Advertisements

Rosie From Lughnasa

Of all the sisters in Dancing at Lughnasa, Rose was the most interesting to me. Though she is discribed as being ”simple”, it doesn’t draw away from her depth. She is pure and natural in all of her intentions. She is honest and does not have the desire, or will, to be duplicitous. Even her […]

If I Must Choose…

If I had to say which play I liked the most, I’d say it would be Dancing at Lughnasa. I really enjoyed Lughnasa for many reasons including its use of strong Irish archetypes, the texture of the time period, and the subtle subtext behind the small conversations we see. Freil’s character work drew me in […]

Crows Tweet

Tír na Scéalta centers around a young storyteller who has finally arrived at his Mecca only to have things run afoul due to some devious crows.

Dublin, Here I Am

I’m enjoying Dublin so far, but my view got off to a rough start. Lack of sleep can make the beginning of anyone’s day a bit rough. In my less than perfect (read: groggy) mindset walking around for several hours probably wasn’t the first thing I wanted to do. As I was given time to […]

The Village Mood

I think this image of a quaint Irish village with an over cast sky is a great representation of the mood I’m trying to set for my play. The idea of conflicting signals has always fascinated me. Being somewhere that looks safe, but feel dangerous. That feeling in your gut that says “run, now”. Ignoring […]

Local Identity

I think that a lot of smaller communities are currently suffering culturally from globalization all around the world. I see it all the time in the towns I visit in the United States. People are losing their sense of community, local identity, and the aspects that make them unique. It could be seen as a […]