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[The Untitled Audience Reflection]

Audience is essential in my field of work. If Theatre did not have an audience in any capacity then it would completely cease to exist. With Theatre being arguably one of the most human of art forms it clearly causes some kind of emotional reaction when an audience witnesses people on stage (or anywhere for […]

(not accordin’ to MY Da)- A Belfastian & Theatrical Anecdote

Before I began to think about which play I enjoyed the most up to this point in the Armagh Project 2014, there was not one play that stood out as the clear front runner. All of the plays that we have read as a unit have been insightful, bold, and entertaining. In order to decide […]

Like Mike!

Michael from Dancing at Lughnasa serves as the narrator in this play and he is one of the characters that I followed the most while reading this piece. Michael comes off as someone who is able to understand the tone of his family while taking certain instances to remove himself from the story. Friel skillfully places the […]


Oliver spills his soul onto a stage of void & missed opportunity in a hopeless cycle of iambic pentameter. #ChristmasIsCancelled #NewWorks      


A Recent Memory In Armagh   Can you take me to Around-A-Pound? I am searching for affordability but I think I have lost my way. My search for greatness made me sad, then I looked up at the sign of what I found… “LET’S GO INSIDE NOW”, I say 1 pound sterling soda, there’s so […]

Martin Lynch, I Need You

Here is a link to an article about the playwright Martin Lynch (The History of the Troubles According to my Da):    The article gives a brief summary of who Martin is yet what works best about this short, succinct article is the chronological production history of his works-which I find fascinating.   I […]

________________ rules the nation

How does your nationality define your identity?   Merriam Webster says nationality is: “na·tion·al·i·ty  noun \ˌna-shə-ˈna-lə-tē, ˌnash-ˈna-\ : a group of people who share the same history, traditions, and language, and who usually live together in a particular country” and with that in mind I would say that nationality does not define my identity. Alternatively, I think nationality […]