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Friel presentation in Armagh Students 2014 dropbox

Hi all   Just to let you know I’ve uploaded the power point presentation I would have given you on Friel at the Irish Writers Centre, but for time running out on us … you’ll find it in the Armagh Students 2014 dropbox folder. It might be useful before tomorrow night’s session on Dancing at […]

Listening to Friel

Hi everyone I’ve been enjoying putting together a short talk on Brian Friel before we go see his play Aristocrats at the Abbey on Saturday night. I came across this terrific radio documentary on him – it’s only 30 minutes so you might want to listen to it before coming up to Dublin. Looking […]

It’s all in the perspective

I made my first round-trip from Dublin to Armagh yesterday to meet with the lovely group of students participating in this year’s Armagh Project. It never ceases to amaze me how each year we attract a group of people who are so open to new ideas and so willing to learn about new cultures; it’s […]