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reuniting with Dublin

This weekend was my third in the capital city, and I think it really cemented my love for its energy and culture. I also think I finally got my bearings on where everything is (it only took me attempting to get back to the hostel from O’Connell St. without a map, then really studying said […]

Humans like to categorize everything, including themselves. As others have said, we like to feel like we belong but also like we’re distinct from other individuals or groups of people. Many people i know take pride in being “different” from others.  However, I do think that globalization is taking away a lot of the unique […]

who says a fence has to be boring?

I like to wander the city (as does everyone in the group, it seems) and take advantage of my time outside the busy and industrious Baltimore. Armagh has a lot of character, including colored front doors and interesting fences. Here is one of those interesting fences; as a bonus, it’s painted a lovely blue-green. I […]

The texture of moss: a lesson

I realized just now that the best visual textures have contrast, which creates interest. And I think the most interesting history and stories also have texture, or contrast. We noticed today (or perhaps in my case, noticed again) the contrast throughout Armagh between new and old, particularly regarding architecture. I love to see urban spaces […]

Second first impressions

The things that I remember here from two years ago look about the same as I remember them, and if the things I’ve forgotten have changed; I wouldn’t know. Around a Pound is still here, to my delight, as is Sainsbury’s. I think some new shops have moved into town, and I’m excited to explore […]