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Who am I even talking to?

We are not isolated performers, putting on a show with unlimited budget for noone to see. The audience is there, a breathing part of the theatre, and is one of the most important considerations in any theatrical piece. They can be provoked, abused, amused, shaken or pleasantly entertained but the key in all of those […]

A Favored Umbra

Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O’Casey just noses ahead as my favourite in the photo finish of fantastic plays we have read as part of Armagh Project 2014. It has a nuanced driving action that keeps my attention with new discoveries each time I read. It also story that, while vital to tell, is […]

Repression Itself

Kate in Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel seems the most actively repressed of the sisters in the play. She has existed as a church school teacher, under the thumb of many rules and the watchful eye of the local people. Kate is the first to attempt to stop something improper, from Rose’s escapade with […]

Something Left short

Something Left is a short dramtic piece dealing with the questions of death and sacredness in the aftermath of a pub fight, fire and death.

Better there than here

I have noticed a good deal of people in Armagh with a very specific mindset: that the city itself is not worth seeing much of, that most anywhere is better than here. Last week I was talking to a few people late at night in a bar in Armagh who thought the weather in Nebraska, […]

Martin Lynch Preprogram Thoughts

Please follow the link below for an article about a play by Martin Lynch (writer of one of the works we are studying) as well as some of Lynch’s commentary on said play. The Legacy of the Troubles Review After reading the History of the Troubles(accordin to my da) and this article on another of […]

Dublin in images

Burn the witch

Nationality gives the individual a sense of something greater than themselves, be it for good or ill. Friday night I met an man wized by many years and was spun many a tale. This man identified as an irish nationalist, very proud of his country and certain that the North would soon rejoin the South. […]

Where the royal drums do beat

Dublin. A music city at last. Yesterday while walking around I was battered on all sides by a myriad of musical styles,  culinary delights, history and theatre. A sensory explosion that left me wanting for more. Let us see what today brings.

Moving past

I am struggling through writing a script for the time being and have found this image relavent to my thought process. What was once (and still is) a very sacred site for centuries, the graves at St. Patricks Protestant Cathedral, has been left behind by the world outside the walls. The graves grow over with […]