Wednesday, 30 July Daily Schedule

**The YouthPoint Room is available to you all day!*

Think good thoughts that Dan gets a clean bill of health and that he and Libby are back in time for the performance!

Journalism Gang will consolidate presentations onto one laptop and check-in with Jamie about getting adapter for projector if needed

Everyone – please review your scripts/staging

3:50p  Meet in Studio Theatre to set-up/warm-up

4:15p Presentation!

5:30p Wine Reception!

6p Bask in the afterglow of your work!


Tuesday, 29 July Daily Schedule

**The YouthPoint Room is available all day for you to work in except from 2:15p – 3:30p during workshops**

9:30a Meet Terri at the theatre to get tickets for Margaret Ward talk (Rachel, Doug, Libby, Kimberley)

9:45a Margaret Ward

11a Final Run-through in Workshop 1 (upstairs at the Marketplace Theatre)

  • Terri will give you tickets for today’s events at rehearsal

1:05p  Davd Park Reading (Libby, Clare)

2:15p Attend Workshop

4:15p Debate: Regionalism A Smaller Stage (Libby, Mateo, Clare, Kelly, Doug, Kim, Cori, Rachel, Terri)

7:15p Shrieking Sisters (Libby, Dan, Maureen, Clare, Kimberley, Cori, Rachel, Terri)

8:30p Bernard MacLaverty Fiction (Libby, Doug)

NOTE: If anyone wants to blog about their experiences at the Hewitt, the John Hewitt Society would love to include your posts on their site.  Please submit blog posts to Terri


Monday, 28 July Daily Schedule

**The YouthPoint Room is available all day for you to work in except from 2:15p-3:30p during workshops**

**The hostel will NOT be closing from 11a to 4p during the Hewitt Festival – but do expect many more people to be here**

10:30a  Meet Terri at MarketPlace Theatre box officc to get your tickets for today

10:45a Lord Mayor of Armagh Opening Remarks

11:15a President Michael D. Higgins

1:05p If you are in the mood: the Joseph O’Connor reading has been highly recommended!

2:15p Writing workshops — check the board in the theatre lobby to see where your workshop will be meeting!

3:45p Designers meet with Terri and Kimberley in Youthpoint Room to check in on progress

5p-8p  Rehearsal and Run-thru in the Studio Theatre – don’t forget to bring all of your scripts!!  Journalism Trio please bring a draft of your presentation loaded onto one laptop

10p If you are in the mood: The music at the footlights bar is usually quite good and a lot of fun . . .

Enjoy the day!


Friday, 25 July Daily Schedule

No Blogs today! It’s the last free weekend so enjoy! BUT The Hewitt Festival would like us to blog for them next week! Warm up your fingers 🙂

9:30a EVERYONE meet at AmmA Centre for Arts Council Photo Shoot/Interview – bring your notebooks and pencils and american/canadian paraphernalia

10a  EVERYONE run through entire presentation in order

12:30p EVERYONE have a lovely rest of the day. . . .

Saturday 26 July Daily Schedule

9a Bus to Belfast

11:15a BBC Ulster – Directions from Maryjane Smyth, your contact:

We are at Broadcasting House on the Ormeau Rd – Just opposite the holiday Inn. (BT2 8HQ)

Across the road from the Europa Bus station is the Crown bar, if you take that side street beside it, cut across the square and down the opposite side street to Bedford street, you will see the Ulster Hall. If you face the Ulster hall we are on the right just a few hundred yards up at the corner.

Maryjane’s phone number in case of problems: 7891587465

Have a wonderful weekend, and as always, call or text Terri if needed 🙂 Looking forward to stalking you on facebook 🙂


Thursday, 24 July Daily Schedule

Blog Post due at 10a today: How important is Audience in your work?

1:30p 100 Ways to Cook Salmon: Rachel, Mateo, Dan, Maureen, Kimberley, Cori

2p Christmas is Cancelled: Dan, Maureen, Rachel, Kimberley

2:30p Tir na Scealte: Dan, Mateo, Cori, Kelly, Kimberley

3p Weapons: Libby, Cori, Mateo, Dan

4p Design Meetings with Dan & Maureen


Wednesday, 23 July D1ily Schedule

Due today at 9a: EVERYONE email Terri a 100-word bio and 150-word author statement about your work, Designers – 100-word design statement

Blog Post due today: Of the plays we have read, which is your favorite and why?

11a Rehearse Cromwell at AmmA Centre: Rachel, Kimberley, Maureen, Dan

2:30p  Theatre students meet at AmmA to finish all missing blog posts . . . if you have completed all of them, you do not need to come

3:30p  Rehearse Rachel’s play at AmmA Centre: Cori, Libby, Mateo, Dan

4:30p Rehearse Dan’s play and Crows at AmmA Centre: Cori, Kelly, Clare, Maureen

6p Rehearse Kimberley’s Play: Clare, Doug, Kelly, Rachel (Nessa stand-in) – at the hostel


Tuesday, 22 July Daily Schedule

Due today: Theatre Students blog about a character in Lughnasa, Journalists blog about story status

10a Journalism Students check-in with Doug at AmmA Centre, upstairs

10a Theatre Students discuss Dancing at Lughnasa with Rachel at AmmA Centre, downstairs

10:45a All walk to Armagh Gaol

11a Tour of Armagh Gaol

2p Rehearsal for 100 Ways: Rachel, Dan, Mateo, Kimberley, Maureen

3p Rehearsal for Tir na Scealta: Dan, Mateo, Kimberley (Cori, Kelly, Clare not needed but welcome if available)

4p Rehearsal for Christmas: Dan, Rachel, Kimberley, Maureen

7p EVERYONE: Reading Dancing at Lughnasa in the Common Room at the Hostel

NOTE: Everyone needs a 100 word bio for the Hewitt program, Everyone needs a 150-200 word author statement about what inspired you for your work and/or contextual information about your work, Designers need a 100 word design statement about the works you are designing. These are all due on Wednesday morning at 10a!


Below is the schedule for Monday and Tuesday Journalists please let Terri know as soon as possible if you have any conflicts.  Check the blog for your casting!

Monday, 21 July Daily Schedule

Things that are due:  Theatre Pack: Blog a 140 character “tweet” describing your play, Everyone: Hewitt selections due at 3p – email them to Terri

9a Revised scripts in dropbox

10a-11a Journalism Students check-in with Doug at AmmA Center upstairs

10a – 12p Playwright/Designer/Director Meetings at Youthpoint room- your script MUST be in dropbox by 9a!!! Do not email – put it in drop

  • 10a Maureen (with Dan)
  • 10:30a Mateo (with Dan)
  • 11a Rachel (with Maureen)
  • 11:30a Dan (with Maureen)
  • 12p Nessa

2p-3p Faculty Meeting

3p- 5p EVERYONE at AmmA for round robin readings – check the blog for your casting


TENTATIVE Tuesday, 22 July Daily Schedulejournalists please let Terri know of any conflicts ASAP!

Things due: Theatre Pack: 9a revised scripts due,  Blog about a character from Lughnasa

10a-11a Journalism Students check-in with Doug at AmmA Center upstairs

10a-11a Theatre Pack Discussion of Lughasa with Rachel at AmmA Center YouthPoint Room

11a-12p Rehearsal: Nessa’s play

12p-1p Lunch

1p-2p Rehearse Maureen’s Play (Cori, Kelly and Clare not needed!)

2p-3p Rehearse Mateo’s Play

3p-4p Rehearse Kimberley’s play

4p-5p Rehearse Rachel’s play

7p-8:30p  Everyone: Reading of Dancing at Lughnasa at hostel Common Room – check blog for casting!


Thursday, 17 July Daily Schedule

Blog Posts Due: Journalists post about your news articles, Theatre Pack no new blog due – HOWEVER, if you did not do a Martin Lynch post, do so for tomorrow!!!  Additionally, if you are behind on blog posts, please plan to be caught up by Friday before we leave for Belfast.

*All – writing/research/reporting day*

11a EVERYONE must depart hostel – AmmA Center classrooms are available for you to use

1p  Theatre Pack – post revised drafts in dropbox for printing.  Put a current date on the draft!!!!!

2p  Theatre Pack meet at Youthpoint room for script printing

2:30p  Design students meet in Youthpoint room

4p  Round Robin readings in the Quiet Room at the Hostel – journalism students attend if available

NOTE: We are likely leaving around 8a for Belfast on Friday morning.  We are taking public transportation and it will important to leave on time.


Wednesday, 16 July Schedule

Blog Assignment Due: Northern Ireland anecdote

10am Common Room, Everyone, vocal and characterization class – wear loose and comfortable clothing and please take a quick look at the opening monologue of Dancing at Lughnasa in Dropbox

1pm Library time as needed

1:30pm Journalists, Upstairs AmmA Centre

2:30pm, Theater pack in Youthpoint Room, AmmA Centre, workshop drafts – please post in Dropbox by 10am

Tuesday, 15 July Daily Schedule

Blog Assignment Due: post an article about Martin Lynch and -2 questions to ask him on Friday at Lunch

11a-1p Theatre Pack meet with Kimberley in Common Room (Youth Hostel) for improv and review of work:

  • Rachel: poem and cultural context (where is the war?)
  • Maureen: 1-3 pages of dialogue, minimum
  • Mateo: merge plot points with beginning dialogue and write father scene
  • Dan: Work on ending button and flesh out Joey’s character arc

1p-2p Lunch Break

2p-4p  Theatre Pack Writing workshop and/or research

4p-5p  Journalism Gang touch base with Doug about story progress in Quiet Room (Youth Hostel)

6p-8p EVERYONE: Reading of Playboy of the Western World in the Common Room – see the blog for your casting!


Monday, 14 July Daily Schedule

10:00a Irish Writers Centre – Kimberley and theater pack – the great hive

10:00a Doug and journalists

11:30a Writing up Dublin with Nessa

1pm Lia Mills, author of Fallen

2pm lunch/free time

5pm meet at Avalon House hostel to depart for Armagh


  • theater pack, please email updates to Nessa by 2pm Sunday, 13 July –
  • Avalon House check out is 10am SO before class on Monday, check out and place bags in luggage storage
  • no blog post for Sunday due, but please blog Monday: images of Dublin and reflections on nationality
  • please email your personal blog addresses to Kimberley –

12 July Daily Schedule

Blog Post due at 10a: What are your first impressions of Dublin?

Yesterday’s Blog: Images/Impressions from Armagh Museum

9:30a  Meet Terri in lobby to walk to writer’s center

10a Class with Nessa at IWC (19 Parnell Square – next to the Irish Writers Museum)

11:30a  Theatre Pack with Kimberley and Terri, Journalism Gang with Doug

1p Lunch

2p  Everyone with June Caldwell at IWC

3p  Everyone Class with Nessa: Brian Friel

4:3op  Dinner on your own

7:30p  Attend The Aristocrats at the Abbey Theatre

If you get lost or need help call or text Terri: +1-917-604-9577.  Don’t go to jail!


10 July Daily Schedule

Blog Post due to 10a: Theatre Pack post Emotional Research Image, Journalism Gang post about Orchard Experience

10a-12p  Theatre Pack at AmmA Centre Youthpoint Room

  • Dialogue
  • Historical Research

10:30a-11:30a  Journalism Gang at AmmA Centre Upstairs to touch base with Doug on stories

12p-1p Lunch

1p-3p  Armagh County Museum – meet at AmmA Center


9 July Daily Schedule

Blog Post due by 10a: JHISS Theme

***Journalism Students on their own for field work today***

9:30a-10a  Theatre Students print out arc lines for class

10a-1p  Theatre Students Brainstorm and arc lines discussion at AmmA Centre, Youthpoint Room

1p-2p Lunch

2p-4p  Arc lines and Dialogue Discussion, Discuss History of Troubles

6:30p  Everyone: Group Reading of Martin Lynch’s  History of the Troubles According to my Da – check the blog for your casting!!

NOTE: Prize winners from the Photo Scavenger Hunt were posted to the blog . . .see Terri to claim your prizes!!!


8 July Daily Schedule

Blog Posts due by 10a: Patterns

Journalism Students have morning free for reporting.  Doug is available at Hostel/AmmA Centre for assistance/check-in in the McGee Gallery (upstairs)

11a-1p  Theatre Students discuss arc lines with Kimberley at AmmA Centre Youthpoint Room

1p-2p  Theatre Students Lunch Break

1p-3p  Journalism Students class with Doug in McGee Gallery

2p-4p Theatre Students discuss Shadow of Gunman with Kimberley and Page to Stage with Terri at AmmA Centre Youthpoint Room

6p-8p Everyone: Play Reading of Shadow of a Gunman in the Common Room – see the blog post for your casting!


7 July Daily Schedule

Blog Posts Due by 10a: Textures, Brainstorm Premise/Story Ideas

10a-12p Everyone: History of Ireland with Nessa at AmmA Centre, Youthpoint Room (downstairs)

12p-1p  LUNCH BREAK (Faculty meeting at Embers)

1p-3p  Everyone: Irish and Local Studies Library – meet outside AmmA Center doors

4p-6p Class at Hostel:

  • Journalism students in Common Room
  • Theatre students in Quiet Room


6 July Daily Schedule

Blog Post Due by 10a: First Impressions of Armagh

9:45a Meet in Lobby to Depart to Navan Fort

10a-2p  Explore Navan

2p Return to Hostel

2:30p – 4:30p Class:

  • Theatre Students in Quiet Room
  • Journalism Students in Common Room


5 July Daily Schedule

10a  Meeting in Common Room (large room next to Dining Room)

10:15a-2p Visual Scavenger Hunt

4p  Program Orientation in the Common Room

5p  Scavenger Hunt Presenations

7p  Welcome Dinner – meet in hostel lobby to walk to dinner

Check here for program calendar: armgah 2014calendar v3


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